Catherine has over 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry, she also has 15 years’ experience as an educator in advanced skincare, working with Environ, Guinot and Nimue.

Catherine loves to preform Facial lifting treatments and advanced peeling treatments along with Microneedling. She also brings the Apilus xCell electroylsis treatment that sets a new standard in the field of 100% permanent hair removal. If you are interested in finding out more about Catherine's treatments, you can contact Catherine through the salon.

Nimue Professional Treatments: Nimue Professional Treatments enhance the efficacy of homecare products and accelerate the skin rejuvenation process. Combining homecare products with professional treatments may result in up to 50% improvement in overall skin health.

Nimue Therapeutic Treatment

A customisable treatment that supports all skin conditions in particular, uneven skin tone, sun damage, oily and congested skin as well as sensitised skin conditions. This exfoliation, massage and masking treatment results in a revived, refreshed, smoother and softer skin. €70 / €85 with superfluid
A treatment designed to deep cleanse problematic skin with pustules, oiliness and congestion. It effectively purifies and clarifies helping to refine the skin texture. €65 / €80 with superfluid

Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment

A treatment designed to deep cleanse problematic skin with pustules, oiliness and congestion. It effectively purifies and clarifies helping to refine the skin texture. €65 / €80 with superfluid

Nimue Eye Treatment

A revitalising and plumping eye treatment that can be customised in any Nimue treatment to target puffiness, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. €50

Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment

A specialised, active, skin rejuvenation treatment that targets sun damage, wrinkles uneven skin tone and enlarged pores resulting in increased elasticity, renewed radiance and overall skin smoothness. €80 / €95 with superfluid

Nimue 35% Glycolic Treatment

A specialised, deep exfoliating treatment that safely removes dead skin cells for improved texture and appearance in dry, dehydrated and ageing skin. €85/€100 with superfluid

Nimue-SRC™️ Environmentally Damaged Treatment

A highly specialised, powerful skin resurfacing treatment that is fast acting on sun damaged skin with signs of ageing. Skin is left smoother, firmer, radiant and with a more youthful appearance. €85

Nimue-SRC™️ Hyperpigmented Treatment

A highly specialised, powerful skin resurfacing treatment for uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. The skin is left looking brighter, radiant, glowing and smoother. €85

Nimue-SRC™️ Problematic Treatment

A concentrated, highly specialised skin resurfacing treatment for problematic skin conditions. It is ideal for acne, breakouts, enlarged pores and oiliness, leaving the skin texture refined, smoother and decongested. €85

Thermal Detox Peel

A detoxifying, warming flash treatment peel that deep cleanses, exfoliates and oxygenates the skin. It results in the removal of impurites and excess oil, softening of fine lines and wrinkles and increases hydration. €60

Smart Resurfacer

An intense, smart technology skin resurfacing treatment designed to smooth skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone. This cutting-edge peel delivers immediate results with minimal discomfort for a tight and radiant skin. €95

Microneedling Treatment with Nimue-TDS and Super Fluids

A visible skin rejuvenation treatment with a specialised microneedle device for collagen stimulation. The treatment is customised with Nimue state of the art Transdermal Solutions and Super Fluids for superior results on skin ageing. €140 (course of 6 €700)

Apilus xCell sets a new standard in the field of 100% permanent hair removal by raising the efficiency, speed and comfort of its predecessors to a whole new level. Sophisticated design with touch screen personalized treatment programs and the unique 27.12 MHz radio frequency all adds up to give you a perfect combination of usability and performance. The treatment is executed so rapidly that the sensation is barely noticable.

  • Apilus 15min advanced Modern Electrolysis €40
  • Apilus 20min Advanced Modern Electrolysis €50
  • Apilus 30min Advanced Modern Electrolysis €70
  • Apilus 45min Advanced Modern Electrolysis €95
  • Apilus 60min Advanced Modern Electrolysis €120

Bonnie Aesthetics

Shiobhan has many years’ experience specializing in advanced aesthetic injections, she holds many clinics all over Ireland and we are lucky for her to choose us for her Dublin Clinic. A full list of all her treatments is available, if you are interested in any of her treatments or need more information you can contact our salon.



  • One area €140
  • Two Areas €180
  • Three Areas €230
  • Four Areas €260
  • Five Areas €290

  • Cheek enhancement €280
  • Non-Surgical nose reshaping €300
  • Jawline contouring €350
  • Chin contouring €280


  • 0.5 ml €150
  • 1.5 ml €230

  • Profhlio Treatment €280 two €520

  • TKN HA3 skin booster €250
  • Jalupro skin booster €250

  • Derma planning & hydraulic acid facial €80


  • An al ternative to liposuction aquaylx injections liquefy fat cells, releasing the liquids, which are then eliminated naturally when you urinate.

  • Chin €200 Course of 3 €550
  • Thighs €375 Course of 3 €1050
  • Upper or Lower stomach €250 course of 3 €700

  • Love handles €250. Course of 3 €700
  • Saddle bags €300. Course of 3 €850
  • Inner thighs €250 course of 3 €700
  • Bingo wings €300 course of 3 €850
  • Bra roll €250 course of 3 €700

Brother coffee

Brother Coffee is a community focused coffee shop based in Walkinstown, Dublin 12. Looking to provide a quality product for all who come to visit. You can always except a consistent cup of coffee when you visit, with each shot being weighed to ensure that you always get a great tasting brew.

Glam by Kellie

Classic: €35

Hybrid / mixed: €45

Russian: €55

Lash lift / LVL: €40

Emma at Blue Serenity Reflexology

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing complementary therapy which involves working on the feet or hands enabling the body to heal itself. Light pressure using massage techniques is applied to the feet on specific areas that relate to organs, glands and systems of the body. The overall aim is to restore balance and harmony to the whole body.

Benefits of reflexology include;

  • Helps promote energy flow in the body
  • Helps cleanse the body as toxins are broken down and released into the system
  • Helps the release of mood-lifting hormones
  • Mental stress is reduced
  • Can help improve circulation
  • Energy levels may be increased

€60 1 hour session

Special rates for multiple sessions

Please call for further information Emma, 087 6193208

Debbie Counsellor/ Psychotherapist:

Debbie McDermott is a fully qualified Counsellor/ Psychotherapist and is a pre – accredited member of the IACP (Irish Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists). She understands that speaking to counsellor can sometimes be difficult and aims to provide you with a safe, confidential, and comfortable space, where you can truly be you.

By examining problematic relationships or exploring some issues that you may have been keeping to yourself clients often feel a sense of relief.

Phone Debbie at 0892756235 with any question or to arrange an appointment.